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Sheffield Baptist Church, Halifax, NS is currently seeking a Pastor to lead our church family, navigating us through the trials of this pandemic.


We were a congregation of approximately 200 members and adherents, prior to Covid-19. Currently, our church family is comprised of about 75 regular attendees, with about 200 followers between YouTube and Facebook.


Our church is a diversified, multicultural, multi-generational body, in a suburban setting and environment, with a 150 year history in our city. We are emerging from this pandemic with a strong desire to bring unity back to our church family.


The successful candidate should possess solid leadership skills, along with strong Christian values, that would be a definite asset to our traditional independent Baptist church family. He must accept and be prepared to advance our Statement of Faith and Family Covenant. The successful candidate will also have the ability and desire to work alongside and mentor the Board of Deacons, Board of Trustees, and other church leaders in our midst.


This person should possess and model a very strong, family-oriented sense of direction. We would warmly welcome a husband and wife team, willing to be active participants in various aspects of our church life. We are seeking a true "team player".


Our new Pastor should also have an understanding of all aspects of social media; who can address the "disconnect" that we are currently experiencing with those coming to church and, more importantly, those who are choosing to stay at home and watch the services online, at their leisure, and assist in engaging these people to return to active worship in the church. We want them to join us in person, to give praises to our Lord and Saviour, and to faithfully support the gospel prayerfully and financially. We need to find better ways to engage these folks and bring them physically back into the fold. It is important for him to encourage these folks to become actively involved within the church.


If you feel led to apply for this position, please send a detailed resume including, but not limited to, the following: a) education; b) experience; c) vision for the ministry; d) personal calling/testimony.  

Also please tell us why you feel we should consider you for this position.


We may also entertain hiring a part-time or semi-retired man as our new Pastor. Please visit us at and on Facebook and Youtube to get a feel for our church family.

Resumes will be accepted at or Sheffield Baptist Church- Pulpit Search Committee 80 Lincoln Cross Drive, Halifax, NS B3M 4K5


Interviews will be conducted by our church's Pulpit Search Committee. Salary will be discussed, contingent upon experience, qualifications, and suitability.


* Only candidates eligible to work in Canada need apply and only the successful applicant will be notified.

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